Welcome to sarathlete!

Sarathlete is a blog about a woman named Sara who has a passion for movement. I started dancing when I was 6 years old. Ballet and ballroom dance created my passion for movement. I stopped dancing when I was 30. Since then I’ve still been on the move whether it be running marathons, participating in triathlons, discovering yoga and more!

Sarathlete is a blog about living a plant-strong lifestyle. I’m a vegan who eats whole foods and has a deep interest in health and living a long, full life.

Sarathlete is a blog about living a passionate life. I want to inspire you to be the best person you can be!

Please keep evolving with me! This blog is an ever-evolving blog focused on constant change. Don’t be left behind! Be on the move and share the joy with others!

sarathlete a/k/a Sara Sawochka-Dalton


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