Here’s The Vlogging Gear You Need To Start Today

Hey Guys! In this video I’m going to show you the vlogging gear that you need to get started with today.

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Now, I know a lot of people are interested in starting a vlog but they don’t know where to start or what gear they need. Don’t worry because I’ve got you covered. In this video, I’m going to show you everything from the camera all the way down to the tripod. So sit back and relax because in just a few minutes you’re going to be fully equipped to start your very own vlog.

1. Camera- a good vlogging camera should have, at minimum, HD capabilities and be able to take good quality photos and videos. This can be your smartphone or you can use a larger setup if you have one such as a DSLR or a mirrorless camera that records video and in addition to taking photos.

2. Tripod- this is essential for stabilizing your shots and ensuring that your videos are smooth. If you’re going to be walking around and talking, get a handheld tripod that can hold your smartphone or larger camera. If you’re going to be staying in one place, then you can use a shelf or stack of books as a makeshift tripod to set your camera on if you don’t have the real thing.

3. Microphone- you’ll want to make sure your audio is clear, so invest in a good microphone.  If you’re using your smartphone, there are many clip-on microphones that work great. If you’re using a DSLR or mirrorless camera, then get a shotgun microphone that attaches to the hot shoe mount on top of your camera and plugs into the microphone jack on the side of the camera. 

4. Lighting- natural lighting is always best, so try to vlog near a window during the daytime. Another tip is to go outside and vlog. The sun will provide you with the best lighting. Or buy an inexpensive ring light on If you get a little vlogger kit like the one I use, the rode video micro vlogger setup for iphone, it comes with a tiny light I can mount on the hotshoe of the tripod in the kit. It’s a tiny but strong light!

5. Editing Software- video editing software can help you to improve the quality of your videos and make them more interesting to watch. I use iMovie which comes free on all of my Mac devices. On Apple devices, you have iMovie on your iphone, iPad and on your laptop or desktop machine. It’s a great program to use for those who are just getting started. There are paid options like Premiere Pro that can be used on Mac or PC. If you recommend a good program that be used on PCs that’s free, let me know in the comments.

6. Social media platform: If you’re going to release your content online, then you’re going to need to pick a platform to vlog on like TikTok or IG or YouTube and choose a regular uploading schedule so your audience gets used to knowing when you’ll be most likely to upload your videos.

So there you have it! These are the six essential pieces of gear and software you need to get started vlogging today!

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How to use titles in your video properly so that people who are listening can understand what you’re saying. There is a transition effect when changing clips, and if it’s too long the users will have trouble hearing or seeing how one clip ends before another begins which could make them feel frustrated with using YouTube as well as not being able to get any useful information from watching your content on their own time without interruption because of buffering issues caused by having slow internet speed during streaming.

If you’re unsure about a length for a transition, try to keep it relatively short so people don’t get bored of waiting and end up going off to do something else. Even 5-10 seconds is probably too long in most cases! You want to be sure that your viewers are kept engaged throughout the entirety of the video by providing interesting content and cuts that flow nicely into one another. 

It’s also important to keep in mind that if this is the first video you’re uploading, you’ll want make an effort to keep users on YouTube by including an endscreen with links to other videos or playlists on your channel. This will help increase watch time and encourage people to come back for more content like yours in the future.

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