Don’t Be Late for a Very Important Date!

Make your life whatever you want it to be, but always let your conscience be your guide.

You can plan and plan and plan but if you stop and think about it life really is just around the river bend.

Always be on time. Never rush. You should never be late, be late for a very important date.

What date you ask? I know (hopefully) you’re thinking Disney right now. Why Disney? Why not Disney! I’m a huge Disney fan. Disney World in Orlando, Florida is a very cool place! So why not explore it with me at the Disney Marathon in January 2013? It’ll be a great way to see some of the parks, lots of Disney princesses and get a Mickey Mouse Medal when you cross the finish line!!

Ok, so if running a marathon is not your thing, I totally get it. You can walk it instead!

Ok, maybe not. If you know me, you know how persuasive I can be especially when I want something! That’s right…I will bug you until you say yes!

So what’s so special about flying all the way to Disney World to run a marathon? How about getting married afterwards?

That’s right! Pete and I are going to Disney in January 2013 and are planning to get married after the marathon (which I haven’t been able to convince Pete to run…but just give me time…I’ve got a year)!

You’re welcome to join us in Disney but make sure you’re not late, not late for our very important date!

Happy New Year’s Everyone!


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