When the heart speaks….move

I just love this post. It speaks from my heart even though they aren’t even my words. If you have something you’re really good at and have gotten burned by it chances are good you will always love it and have a very hard time replacing it. This is how I feel about dance.

When the heart speaks….move.

This is a beautiful post!



An Awesome Vegan Resource!

I just love this blog called My Vegan Journal.

Reasons to check out this blog:

1. If you’re new to veganism, it’s a great resource to get you started: lots of recipes and interesting articles.

2. If you’ve been vegan for a while there are still new things to learn about veganism and new recipes to check out.

3. If you’re thinking about becoming a vegan, this site presents veganism in a friendly and mighty yummy way.

4. This is not a calorie-counting, weight-loss blog. There are lots or recipes ranging from breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts that are both healthy and delicious sounding at the same time.

5. The pictures on this blog will make your mouth water. They do that for me anyways.

I highly recommend this blog! It’s awesome!