Happy Birthday Pete Sawochka!

For Pete’s 42nd birthday gift this year, I got him a ticket to Comic Con. Comic Con is a giant comic book convention that has panels with movie and television stars and also gaming and artists. You name it and they have it. It’s a giant gathering of nerds held in our area at the Rosemont Convention Center in Illinois.

This blog post is part of a two-part series. Tonight’s post will have pictures and details. Tomorrow you can look forward to my review of Comic Con! I know my friend Tim is looking forward to that!

Here is a picture of me waiting in line with Pete to see James Marsters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Smallville to name a few:

Here is my favorite picture of the day! It’s Pete with Batgirl with a dressed in a very authentic-looking 1960s costume. Behind us there is a Star Wars Combat class going on which I was watching while Pete and Tim got their pictures with Batgirl:

Here is a picture of Pete holding the “last in line” sign very excited to see Kevin Sorbo who played Hercules on the television show “Hercules” from the 1990s.

Here’s a great picture of Pete looking really annoyed with me for taking his picture and bugging him to look mad. I think he did a great job looking irritated in picture. Hopefully he was just acting:

We also saw Bruce Campbell (no comment on that tonight). Pete got to see the characters from the original Star Wars movies that played Chewbacca (played by Peter Mayhew) and Boba Fett (played by Jeremy Bulloch). I got to see Tom Felton who played Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies.

Pete got two comics in the comic book distributor room.

And we ended the day at my favorite place: Whole Foods. We had Chicago-style hot dogs (mine was vegan) and milkshakes (and yes they do make vegan milkshakes) at the Grill! Try and guess if the picture below is the vegan dog or the meat version of a hot dog. I bet you don’t know for sure which it is!

Pete I hope you enjoyed your birthday gift! I also hope you have a wonderful day off tomorrow sitting around reading comic books all day!

Check out tomorrow’s blog post for an actual review of Comic Con!

Sara Sawochka