Meet My Foodie Pen Pal: Leigh Ann!

The box was waiting for me outside on my front porch on a blustery, chilly fall day. It was gloomy and cloudy outside and there sat the box that would brighten my mood after a day at work.

The box from Leigh Ann!

Smooth purple tissue paper was wrapped around lots of goodies inside the box. Oh it was hard to resist the urge to tear the paper into shreds and not keep it nice. I was able to recycle it for my foodie pen pal who also happens to love the color purple.

The inside of the box. What are the contents?

Here’s what was in the box!

We start with some delectable fruit snacks. These tasted really good with no added sugar. They gave your mouth a good chomp for fruit snacks.

Fruit snacks from Leigh Ann!

After the sweet, you gotta go salty. There were some yummy pistachios in this box that came in quite handy one day at work when I was hungry and looking for something to nosh on. Here’s a clue: you cannot eat the shell! I tried and it doesn’t work!

Oh how I love Pistachios!

For breakfast, Leigh Ann sent me some oatmeal which I wound up purchasing at Costco earlier this week because I liked it so much. I put chia seeds, soy milk, blueberries and a banana in there and mix it all up. It’s fabulous!

Raw oatmeal from Leigh Ann.

After breakfast you must have dinner. What could be better for dinner than a quinoa. Eat it plain, it it with vegan eggs and vegan ham, eat it however you wish just eat it in a dish!

For dessert we have to have chocolate. Through my blog people found out Oreos are vegan and now everyone buys me Oreos. Leigh Ann was no exception. In her letter to me, she said that both she and her husband were skeptical that Oreos were vegan but read the ingredient list and became believers! So here’s what’s becoming my favorite dessert:

The dessert I cannot get enough of!

I also received these from Leigh Ann. I wound up giving these to my foodie pen pal, Alyson, as a way to try and trick her. When I send things to my non-vegan foodie pen pals, I always send one thing that’s not vegan and this was it. It was perfect! It is a brand name everyone knows and that couldn’t possibly be vegan, right? Wrong!

Twilight Delight that I gave to my foodie pen pal Alyson! I have tasted these before and they are delicious!

I saved my favorite for last. This is a jelly from a local farm nearby where Leigh Ann lives and it was fabulous on Ezekiel bread. It went great with organic, crunchy peanut butter for PB&Js. My husband loved it too. Gotta love local!

Blueberry jam from a local farm in Leigh Ann’s town!

This is my second foodie pen pal experience and it has been fabulous. I highly recommend it. If you have any questions for me then please ask me about it. I’d love it if one person tried it this month just to see what it’s like. Here’s a link to the website for newbies to signup. Just click here.

Sara Sawochka


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