Project Friendship Bread: Vegan and Non-Vegan

I received a non-vegan Amish friendship bread starter at work today. I accepted it with the intention of making it for Pete. He always complains that I never bake for him anymore. Pete is a vegetarian so there’s nothing in there that he cannot eat.

After pondering a little more carefully on it I thought to myself, “There has to be a vegan version of friendship bread out there somewhere.” I found what looks like a good recipe so I printed it out and will make it at home in the next few days.

The plan is to make the vegan and non-vegan versions of the starters and see how they turn out. Pete will be the taste tester since he will eat both versions!

Once we’ve made both starters I’ll post the recipes and the results. And the best part: if you want a vegan or non-vegan starter just let me know and I’ll spread the Amish friendship around!

I’ve been looking for a good project to do since The End of the Broken Clavicle Bone Vegan Project came to a halt. So this will be a good project for me to continue on with!

Sara Sawochka


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