Project Prius C–Bring on the Green!

Today was my first day taking the Prius C out on the road.

This morning I was running a little late—OK, more than a little—a lot late. So it was absolutely necessary to take the expressway (I65) and highway (US Highway 30) this morning. I clocked in at work at exactly 8:00 am!

Here are my results from this morning’s drive to work:

Time: 22 minutes
Miles Per Gallon: 56.1 mpg
Total Mileage: 13.1 miles


  • I was always within 1 – 2 miles over or at the speed limit.
  • I sat, painfully, in the driveway and waited impatiently while the car warmed up (which sucked up 2 minutes of my time).

After work I had no where particular to go so I totally back-roaded it all the way home. Typically my drive home is the reverse of the same route I used this morning. However this evening’s ride home was a very different route.

Here are my results from this evening’s drive from work to home:

Time: 48 minutes
Miles Per Gallon: 78.1 mpg
Total Mileage: 13.4


  • I was always at the speed limit; sometimes, I was even below.
  • It took me twice as long to get home.
  • I surprised myself and even Pete with my awesome gas mileage!!!
  • It was a very stressful drive home. What should’ve been a relaxing drive home on back roads turned out to be a nerve-wracking, watch-the-speedomoter-and-ECO-Gauge-the-whole-time ride home to ensure I got said awesome gas mileage.
  • And did I mention the line of pissed off drivers I had behind me? Oh yeah…there was a huge line of them which made the 78.1 mpg that much sweeter!

So today’s findings brought me to an interesting question to consider over the next month: Is the awesome gas mileage (and money saved) worth the major time investment? Is it part of going green? Or is there a compromise—not-as-awesome gas mileage (and a little less savings) and more minor time investment?

It’s amazing what a person can learn in one day of change!

Peace out!

Sara Sawochka


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