Opportunity Enterprises – All About Kids!

I’m running the Chicago Marathon again for charity. This year, my goal is to raise $1,285.00 for the charity Opportunity Enterprises (or OE for short) by race day—October 12, 2014.

Founded in 1967, Opportunity Enterprises is a non-profit organization striving to help children and adults with mental or physical developmental disabilities reach their fullest potential and live a full, enriching life. As OE says, “We’re in the business of Amazing People”.

This is my first year running for OE. I chose to run for them because they are a successful local charity in the business of helping people with needs. What really excited me was their program “All About Kids” that I will be helping to raise money for. “All About Kids” tries to catch disabilities in children as early as possible, then intervene using clinically proven techniques designed to reduce or eliminate a child’s need later in life. (If you feel that your children may not be meeting their developmental needs, you can contact OE at 219.464.9621.)


We all have the opportunity to help makes changes in people’s lives. For me, running a marathon and raising money for a charity, such as OE, is a great way to start making those changes happen.

You can help me make a difference in someone’s life by supporting my Chicago Marathon run and pledging a donation to OE.

(If you do not see me in this picture waving at you then you’re on the wrong page!)

By making a donation to an amazing local organization, you can help people in your community less fortunate than yourself thrive in their lives. One hundred percent of the money you donate goes to OE directly to support their different programs for disabled people in need.

Please help make a difference. This year, it’s All About the Kids!

Peace and Love to Everyone,