How To Edit iPhone Videos In iMovie on Your Mac: Basic Tips For Beginners

In this video, we discuss how to edit iPhone videos in iMovie on your Mac. We cover basic tips for beginners, such as how to select the clips you want to edit, add transitions and titles, and adjust the length of your transitions between clips. We also offer advice on storage issues while editing and share some tips on how to keep users on YouTube engaged with your videos. Finally, we show you how to save and share your edited videos from iMovie to your desktop.  

You can use iMovie to do all sorts of fun things with your video clips. For example, you might want make a music video or film short stories that are just footage taken on an iPhone! We’ll show how easy it is when we talk about some editing tips in this lesson too–there’s nothing quite like cutting out those pesky dead spots where there isn’t any sound playing yet (it happens). As well as adding transitions at specific points throughout the project so everything feels more cohesive than before. 

Watch me edit my own video that I took on iphone with imovie.

This is for all of you who want to give your videos a more polished look and feel, but don’t have time or money to hire an expensive videographer! Here’s how: cut out every breath from start until finish (unless this part was supposed be longer), use keywords in descriptions so people search them up later when they’re looking through content online.

How to use titles in your video properly so that people who are listening can understand what you’re saying. There is a transition effect when changing clips, and if it’s too long the users will have trouble hearing or seeing how one clip ends before another begins which could make them feel frustrated with using YouTube as well as not being able to get any useful information from watching your content on their own time without interruption because of buffering issues caused by having slow internet speed during streaming.

If you’re unsure about a length for a transition, try to keep it relatively short so people don’t get bored of waiting and end up going off to do something else. Even 5-10 seconds is probably too long in most cases! You want to be sure that your viewers are kept engaged throughout the entirety of the video by providing interesting content and cuts that flow nicely into one another. 

It’s also important to keep in mind that if this is the first video you’re uploading, you’ll want make an effort to keep users on YouTube by including an endscreen with links to other videos or playlists on your channel. This will help increase watch time and encourage people to come back for more content like yours in the future.

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