Taking a Rest Day and Truly Resting

I need to take a rest day.

Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

I wanted to share that I feel guilty about not being able to post more than this post.

So, I’m posting this tiny post, and then getting on with my day.

My brain is fried, my body is fried, my spirit is fried.

Sometimes we need to take a pause.

The goal of doing something every day is a hard one to achieve because we are human, and humans aren’t perfect. 

Deviation from what is normal is good because we come back refreshed.

Last night, I went to see the movie “Singin’ In The Rain”. The stars aligned for me last night, and it was one hour and forty-three minutes of pure bliss. I saw music, singing, acting and dancing on the big screen with barely any people to irritate me whilst sitting in a heated, leather recliner. I was so happy and giddy afterwards. That is therapy for my soul. The things I love that make me truly relax: the arts, no people and sheer comfort. Wow! 

ALL of those conditions aligning at the same time rarely happen. 

When they do align, I realize that I need a break.

Today’s dose of wisdom is to take a break. Take the rest day and don’t feel guilty for resting and enjoying yourself.

Have a great day. I hope you pause and relish in the break and do something you truly enjoy. I hope all of the stars align for you and whatever it is that makes you happy!