The Greek Eating Project

I love eating healthy. Unfortunately, I tend to be one of those people that tends to get stuck in a rut. I’ll find two or three recipes I like, rotate them and keep eating them week after week until I get sick of them. After that, I cannot eat them anymore.

So, guess what? I’m making a change. The change I’m making is going to be eating brand new recipes (one per week) and I will be using mostly organic ingredients.

I have 3 sources of inspiration.

The first source of inspiration is my Greek trainer and friend Anna Maria Klironomou-O’Brien’s brand new cookbook entitled Greek Cooking which uses authentic, healthy, Greek recipes. For more information on the cookbook and some free recipes check out

Second is the movie I watched this weekend, Julie and Julia. It’s a movie about a New York writer named Julie who starts a blog and vows to cook her way through one of Julia Child’s cookbooks. She writes about her cooking experiences in the blog.

The third would involve movies such as Food, Inc., Forks Over Knives, and other movies I’ve seen that fall into this same category. I haven’t switched to Veganism or vegetarianism (yet). Although I definitely have a lot of respect these lifestyles and do enjoy these types of dishes, I still enjoy eating meat. However, these movies have greatly opened my eyes to adding more and more vegetables to my diet, not eating as much dairy and, most importantly, eating as much organic, unprocessed food as possible.

So, with these three sources of inspiration, I’m going to start what I call The Greek Eating Project! I’m going to eat my way through Anna O’Brien’s cookbook, using mostly organic ingredients and will write one blog entry per week about the recipe that I choose. I say “mostly organic ingredients” because it can sometimes be tough to find every organic ingredient when you live in Northwest Indiana.

Opa! Enjoy!