I’ll bet that caught your attention! I know it would catch mine. Honestly, I’ll never win the actual lotto because I’ve never and will never play the lotto.

Think about your life right now and ask yourself this question: Are you happy? Meaning: are you contented with the way things are right now? Be honest about it. It’s a simple yes or no answer. Or is it that simple? Here are some common answers to that question: I’m happy but……. Another answer is: I’d be happy if….. The last one is: If I won the lottery then I’d be happy because I could….fill in the blank. If your answer includes the words “but, if or I could be” then you’re not truly happy with your life. More money isn’t going to change that.

I’ll bet you know someone who is annoyingly happy. It’s a person that typically is bubbly, full of life and joyful. The joy just radiates from their pores. You know why they are that way? Because they are grateful for their lives. They are grateful that their basic needs being met or provided for: food, clothing and shelter. If you have food to eat, clothes to wear and a roof over your head then you should be happy. Happiness starts at the core—the inside—and beams its way outwards. You know why you find them annoyingly happy? Because you either admire them and want a piece of their happiness or you’re unhappy with your life and want to know their secret. Here’s the secret: be grateful for what you have right now at this very moment. It’s a great place to start. You’ll feel like you’ve won the lottery and you won’t have a dime to show show for it or pay taxes on. You’ll just feel good.

When you play the actual lottery, you win money. You may feel a rush of excitement. Those endorphins start flowing and you feel like you’re on top of the world. That’s what the phrase “I feel like I’ve just won the lottery” really means. It means you feel that rush. It may mean you feel grateful and happy. However, if you didn’t feel good before that rush, then chances are it’s a temporary high that will fade. It’s similar to having an alcoholic beverage (or maybe two or three depending on your tolerance) and feeling the effects of the drink. If you become intoxicated the alcohol only enhances the mood you’re already in. If you’re happy then there’s a good chance you’ll be a happy drunk. If you’re sad, angry or something’s bothering you, then chances are the alcohol will enhance that and you may act in ways that will reflect your current state either by crying or making snappish remarks, etc. I’ve had this happen to me. If you want to know what kind of mood I’m really in then hand over a glass of wine and you’ll see right away!

When you win the actual lottery you don’t win contentment, happiness, joy, delight, euphoria or pleasure. You just win money.

Like the song says “Money Can’t Buy Me Love”, it also can’t buy you happiness. You have to already be happy with what you’ve got.

Money is a necessity in life to purchase the basics that we need to get by. That’s it. Yet, it sours a lot of relationships, mine included in the past.

Be happy with your life and be grateful for what you’ve got: the air in your lungs, the job you have, the place you live, the clothes in your closet and the food you eat every day. There’s nothing wrong with wanting more out of life. Money is not the answer. Happiness and contentment are the answer.

Ask yourself the question again: Are you happy?

Sara, are you happy?

Yes, I am! I’m happy with the way things are right now. I look forward to more happiness as I grow my life with Pete. Money isn’t going to change the happiness that I feel inside right now. Neither will a nicer place to live, buying fancier clothes or a having a nicer car to drive. I’m happy on the inside and it really shows on the outside!

I hope you feel as happy as I do!