Meat Pete

Ladies and Gentleman, I’d like for you to meet you guest blogger for The Greek Eating Project: Pete!

Pete is my fiance (that’s right ladies–he’s taken)! He’s also the chef of all of these meals. I purchase all of the ingredients and prep them. Pete sweeps in, puts everything together and actually cooks it!

Here are the top ten things I’d like you to know about Pete:

1. Pete believes understanding basic cooking ideas is very helpful when it comes to cooking good food.

2. Pete is cooking and baking his way through Alton Brown’s cookbooks respectively.

3. Pete is a Leo.

4. Pete is the most logical computer web programmer who seriously lacks common sense. He’s smart but may not always do smart things.

5. Pete does yoga.

6. Pete is getting ready to choke me right now as he reads this list.

7. It bugs Pete to no end that I do not cook and refuse to learn how.

8. Pete follows recipes very well and does not get frustrated reading the instructions which is the complete opposite of myself.

9. Pete is a total omnivore and doesn’t really go both ways. In other words, you’d never catch Pete lurking in the Herbivore section of the grocery store.

10. Pete enjoys running, weight lifting, swimming, biking and is getting ready to run a marathon. Oh wait…that’s me…except the marathon part! Truthfully, Pete likes to read A LOT, cook, watch the news and yell at the tv, spend time with his family and friends and he’s not that thrilled about running the Disney Marathon.

11. Pete is super smart.

I had to give Pete 11 things because he’s better than a 10. He’s definitely an 11 on my scale!

So that’s your guest Greek Eating Project blogger! You’ll get your first blog from him this Sunday!