Don’t Turn a Blind Eye to What’s Really in Your Food

If you have 20 minutes to check your facebook and email then you have under 20 minutes to watch this video and find out what’s really in your food. This woman never says anything about being vegan or eating plant-strong, but she does let you know what’s really in the meat and non-organic vegetables you eat and in the dairy you drink.

This video will open your eyes to what is really in your eyes. Once you know, please help your self and make a change in how you eat and think about food. It will help you live a healthier and hopefully longer life. I wish someone would’ve shared something like this with me a long time ago and I would’ve made the changes to my diet then, but I didn’t have the information back then. I do know and I’m so happy to share resources like this with you. Truly eye-opening.



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