Steppin’ Out with My Baby!

Tonight I ran one mile with my man. That’s right ladies…he’s a runner…so hands off…he’s all mine. Right now he is basking in the afterglow of his run, as every runner often does, in his or her own way. His way of basking is sitting down in front of the TV with a beer, fries and a homemade hamburger. That’s right you met him in Meat Pete and you’re still waiting for his second blog post that he’ll probably never write because he most likely forgot what he made. I remember though! That’s the problem when you date someone with a mind like a steel trap. I’m the person that remembers everything that you wish you could forget. I can be mildly annoying at times.

Pete and I are signed up to run Disney marathon as part of our wedding and honeymoon. Although probably not his most ideal choice: getting married in a corporate paradise and running a marathon to boot aren’t his top choices, he was a good sport about it.

Pete’s a good guy. He’s one of the kindest people I know that would do almost anything for you. This marathon may not be something he’s jazzed about but he is going to get ready for it and run it.

Tonight we decided to do our first official run together. I got home earlier than Pete and ran 2.5 miles. I was a rockstar. I had the Pink station blaring on Pandora. I may not have looked like a rockstar or sounded like one, but I sure felt like one! I picked Pete up on the way back and we ran his first mile together. Pete ran a 13 minute mile. He had pink cheeks and was a little out of breath afterwards, but he still did it.

Pete prepared for and ran a 5k last summer. It was his first race ever! I think he got into it from standing on the sidelines cheering me on at all of my races. After not running over the winter months, I was concerned that Pete would have some trouble on his first run getting back into things. Pete really impressed me. He ran the fastest mile he’s ever run. He may have counted down every tenth of a mile that was left but he kept going. He didn’t take any walking breaks. I was so proud of him.

I was even prouder to run next to him. It was great steppin’ out with my baby on this beautiful spring evening!



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