The Vegan Journey to Noblesville

We made the vegan trip to Noblesville! We started the morning with a smoothie.

Then we headed to Starbucks where Pete and I shared a vegan Grande Soy Latte.

And here is Pete with his vegan raw bar from Starbucks as a morning snack!

We have seen the doctor and he recommended surgery so we are scheduled for tomorrow morning at 9:00am. Here’s why the doctor rocked (besides the fact he was cute…sorry Pete): When I asked him if diet mattered in healing and if Pete needed more calcium the doctor said that it is debatable whether we need as much calcium as recommended by the FDA. The doctor also said that you don’t need to drink dairy milk to get calcium. He said that there are lots of plant sources like kale, spinach and plant milks that have plenty of calcium! The hot doctor (sorry again Pete) rocks!







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