The Vegan Project Vending Machine Follow-up

I posted The Broken Clavicle Bone Vegan Project Surgery when Pete had his surgery. Lots of people grab food from vending machines while they are waiting for their friend or relative to have surgery. What’s tough about vending machines if you’re a new vegan is all of the ingredient lists are not facing you so you have no clue if there are animal byproducts lurking in your food until you deposit your $1.00 and the food falls into your hands.

In my post I took a picture of the vending machine and said that the Oreos were vegan. Here is the follow-up information on other products I thought might be vegan but turned out not to be:

1. I checked out the Austin Zoo Animal crackers and those are not vegan because they contain dairy.

2. The Gardetto’s Original recipe snack are not vegan as they contain non-fat milk.

3. I checked the ingredients on the Planter’s Fruit and Nut Trail mix and that is vegan.

On a good note, my vegan friend, with an alias of SH Smile, verified that Nutter Butters are vegan. I don’t like peanut butter that much so that product was unfairly not even on my radar. I apologize to people that do enjoy peanut butter. You have SH Smile to thank for pointing out that Nutter Butters are vegan.

If you’re going to hit up a vending machine anytime check out the Oreos, Nutter Butters and fruit and nut trail mixes. Those are safe options!

Sara Sawochka

Sara Sawochka



The Fixed Clavicle Bone Vegan Project’s Happy Lunch on 9/1/2012

Pete’s vegan project is coming along nicely!

I went grocery shopping for US yesterday. Usually I shop for me and Pete shops for himself. Since Pete can’t shop and we are doing the vegan project while he’s injured I was able to buy food that, ethically, I agree with buying. This project initiated because I was going to be Pete’s nurse-maid while his shoulder heals and I won’t touch meat. Even before I became a vegan I wouldn’t touch meat.

Here’s Pete’s lunch on 9/1/2012. Who says vegan food can’t be fun and smiley?

Smiling vegan food! A vegan PB&J with potato chips and carrots.

Here is what Pete had to drink that he requested from the store: vanilla soy milk. I tried to get something close to whole dairy milk that would be similar in flavor but couldn’t come up with anything. Pete despises the taste of skim dairy milk and likes the richness that whole dairy milk. I thought if I got him a sweet plant milk that taste would make up for the lack of fat. It didn’t go over so well…even in a Jack Daniel’s glass!

Even in a Jack Daniel’s glass, this was not a hit!

Here was Pete’s dessert. I got two of these coconut milk ice creams. I got the mocha almond fudge below and also a peanut butter and chocolate swirl. Pete had the peanut butter and chocolate swirl and said it was good but that the texture was slightly different than dairy-type ice cream which he was used to. I think, given time, he could get used to it!

I had mocha almond fudge for dessert and it’s awesome. Pete had the peanut butter and chocolate swirl and said the texture was different than dairy ice cream but this still tasted pretty good.

For breakfast Pete had the usual smoothie and for dinner he had an Amy’s Roasted Vegetable pizza (no cheese). YUM! I had one too. Just a note: you can eat the whole pizza if you feed the crusts to your dog. If you eat the crust, you will have leftovers if you eat this pizza alone. Pete had three leftover pieces. And I had none (Mr. Biggs, my dog, got all of my crusts)!

That’s yesterday’s report! Enjoy! Today you can look forward to a post later about Elizabeth making vegan food for us. She is a friend from church that calls Pete Mr. Poop. I’ll tell you more in the next post. But she was kind enough to make us some vegan food today. We are going to pick up the food so Pete can meet Elizabeth and also so I can see her adorable baby!

I love the smiling vegan food. Don’t you? Haha!

Sara Sawochka