The Vegan Project Vending Machine Follow-up

I posted The Broken Clavicle Bone Vegan Project Surgery when Pete had his surgery. Lots of people grab food from vending machines while they are waiting for their friend or relative to have surgery. What’s tough about vending machines if you’re a new vegan is all of the ingredient lists are not facing you so you have no clue if there are animal byproducts lurking in your food until you deposit your $1.00 and the food falls into your hands.

In my post I took a picture of the vending machine and said that the Oreos were vegan. Here is the follow-up information on other products I thought might be vegan but turned out not to be:

1. I checked out the Austin Zoo Animal crackers and those are not vegan because they contain dairy.

2. The Gardetto’s Original recipe snack are not vegan as they contain non-fat milk.

3. I checked the ingredients on the Planter’s Fruit and Nut Trail mix and that is vegan.

On a good note, my vegan friend, with an alias of SH Smile, verified that Nutter Butters are vegan. I don’t like peanut butter that much so that product was unfairly not even on my radar. I apologize to people that do enjoy peanut butter. You have SH Smile to thank for pointing out that Nutter Butters are vegan.

If you’re going to hit up a vending machine anytime check out the Oreos, Nutter Butters and fruit and nut trail mixes. Those are safe options!

Sara Sawochka

Sara Sawochka



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