An Interview With A Vegan (with a Fixed Clavicle Bone)!

Here’s an interview with my guinea pig for my 2nd vegan project:

Sara Sawochka: How do you like your vegan project so far?

Pete: It’s interesting. It’s doable. I don’t know if I could go long-term with it and make it a permanent thing….at least not yet.

Sara Sawochka: What’s the most interesting factoid you’ve learned being a vegan this week?

Pete: Nutter Butters are vegan. It’s a scary but interesting. Also I learned that Whole Fruit Sorbet is made with GMO high fructose corn syrup.

Sara Sawochka: What’s your favorite blog post that Sara’s done so far on the vegan project?

Pete: The Hot Vegan Night in Noblesville and Happy Lunch on 9/1/2012

Sara Sawochka: Do you notice a change in how you feel ethically towards animal rights after being a vegan for nearly a week?

Pete: I’m maybe a little more conscious of it.

Sara Sawochka: What’s the best meal you’ve eaten so far as a vegan?

Pete: The meal Elizabeth Howell made for us. That was the best!

Sara Sawochka: What made you decide to go along with Sara’s plan for this project? Did you have any objections? Did you have a choice?

Pete: I didn’t really have much of a choice. It wasn’t the best time to do this project in retrospect. I needed someone willing to prepare food for me for the next two weeks and she was willing to prepare vegan food for me. I had non-vegan food setting around the house that is going to go bad, but I decided to go full throttle with the project: all vegan food all the time!

Sara Sawochka: Will you stay with the project or will you go back to being a non-vegan or a vegetarian?

Pete: I’ll go back to being a non-vegan for a time to eat up the non-vegan food we have for financial reasons. Why waste perfectly good food? It’s already been produced and those animals have already died to make the food. Why waste it? I’m not like Sara Sawochka and could just give it up cold turkey and get rid of the non-vegan food. Once that food is gone I will re-evaluate my decision to be a vegan or non-vegan if I can eat a healthy and enjoyable way on a budget. I may be a GMO vegan but that may be better than not being a vegan at all.

Sara Sawochka: What food would be the hardest to give up if you became a vegan and why?

Pete: Specifically cheese and more generally dairy like ice cream and milk. Meat wouldn’t be that hard except every now and then I think I’d have a craving for it.

Sara Sawochka: Thanksgiving is coming up and you’re the chef. What food will you cook for Sara on Thanksgiving for dinner? Will you eat that meal with her or will you have turkey?

Pete: Of course I’ll make a vegan meal for her. I’ll eat elements of the meal with her. I haven’t completely decided on what I’m going to do so this question is hard to answer for me. Tofurkey anybody?

Sara Sawochka: No Tofurkey Pete!

Closing thoughts on the interview with Pete from Sara: Like this post if you think Pete should stay vegan!! Make comments to encourage him along. We know he wants to. I can see him on the ledge hovering and he just needs a good shove over into vegan-land.

Sara Sawochka


One thought on “An Interview With A Vegan (with a Fixed Clavicle Bone)!

  1. You can do it Pete!!! Most people don’t just jump right in so your hesitation to fully convert is normal, however I predict that with continued influence you will see that this is the best and really, only logical choice. ๐Ÿ™‚ As for Thanksgiving…the possibilities are endless!!! Maybe I’ll start thinking about a Very Vegan Thanksgiving ๐Ÿ™‚

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