Meet Miriam from Kenya

When I was going to my MFA internship on the first day I was approached by a person on the street holding a binder of children from 3rd world countries. He started explaining his organization which was ChildFund International right away, not giving me a second to speak. His name was Paul. Paul changed my life that day.

Paul asked me if I’d seen the TV ads at 3am, when you’re watching TV and cannot sleep, about children who are starving in 3rd world countries who are starving and can be saved for just $1.00 a day. I told him yes and he asked me if I would like to sponsor Miriam. He gave me a picture of Miriam.

Miriam Chebet is a femail from Kenya. I asked and all of the proceeds go directly to Miriam. I told Paul I would sign up. Holding that picture in your hand somehow makes it very real. Paul told me I could call and cancel within two weeks if I decided I didn’t want to sponsor her for a dollar a day. My first selfish thought was, “He’s doing the same thing I’ll be doing on my internship (leafleting). So I may as well show him some support and signup and I’ll just cancel later. I have two weeks to think about it.” Two weeks have nearly passed now and I’ve decided to keep Miriam and will sponsor her. I have a dollar a day. I make more than that in an hour and can can certainly afford to sponsor her.

One thing that is cool about ChildFund is the kids write letters to their sponsors and send pictures. What’s even cooler is that I can write back. I read that it could take 16 weeks or so for the letters to get delivered but that’s okay. It just makes Miriam’s letter that much more precious. There are translators that will translate her letters to me and vice versa. So in effect I have a young pen pal!

I’ve been grown and transforming so much this year and this is part of my growth process: doing something completely unselfish…not thinking of myself for once and thinking of someone else that I’ve never even met.

Here are some pictures of Miriam and click here to go directly to ChildFund’s website for more information.

The picture of Miriam that Paul gave me that changed my life.

The packet! I put her up at my desk at my job to remind me who I’m working for. It’s not just me anymore.

An upclose and personal take on Mriam’s information!

I feel so proud for what I am doing and I wanted to share it with you all. I have no children but I can at least sponsor one, even though it’s not my own child. It’s one way I can make a difference.

Sara Sawochka


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