The Greek Eating Project: Chicken over Okra!

This is the first post about meals prepared from my trainer and friend Anna Maria Klironomou-O’Brien’s cookbook entitled Greek Cooking. If you like what you read here and would like more information please visit her website for more information on recipes and how to purchase the book:

The Chicken Over Okra was very flavorful. This dish had a wonderful crunch from the okra. The chicken is cooked in a way that it simply melted in your mouth. The sauce is slightly savory and a little spicy but not overpowering at all. The sauce compliments the okra and the chicken and yet manages to shine all on its own. I’ve never eaten okra before, and I really enjoyed it. The okra and the sauce were the highlights of the dish for me!

I ate this meal for my lunch all four days of my work week. I had 4 lunches and the chef was allotted one meal as well which made 5 total servings.

Here are the organic ingredients I obtained, and also where I purchased them at:

1. Chicken at Costco
2. Canned tomatoes from Costco

Here are the non-organic ingredients, and also where I purchased them:

1. Frozen okra at Town & Country
2. Olive oil at Costco
3. Onion at Town & Country
5. Red wine vinegar at Town and Country
6. Garlic at Remus Farms

I do not have a lot of staples yet for organic cooking such as organic olive oil and also things like onion and garlic. However, after making a trip to Whole Foods and checking out Costco a little more thoroughly, I discovered I would be able to buy organic staples between both places.

While at Whole Foods this week, all of the items on my non-organic list above were available in an organic form. Costco does sell a large container of organic Olive Oil which I am going to purchasing for future use since it is a staple in Mediterranean cuisine.

A note from the chef (my boyfriend, Pete): “Cooking this dish was very easy. The recipe was very straightforward. I had never prepared okra before, and I’ve often heard stories of problems with the okra being too slimy. Prepping the okra the way that Anna O’Brien’s cookbook suggests was very effective. By the time the okra reaches your lips, it’s not slimy at all.”

This coming week will be Baked Lemon Chicken over Potatoes!



2 thoughts on “The Greek Eating Project: Chicken over Okra!

  1. Do you have a Sunflower Farmers Market grocery store anywhere near you? They are an all organic grocery store similar to Whole Foods but cost half as much. I shop there all the time for all of my meat and produce, it’s ridiculously cheap. Other stuff is pricey, but it’s still cheaper than Whole Paycheck. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. No sadly we don’t. I remember my aunt and uncle in CO went to Sunflower Market as well. I wish we had someplace in Northwest Indiana that sold a better variety of organic foods.

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