Mrs. Doubt Fire

Doubt and Fire. Two words which have entirely different meanings which are put together to be the fictitious last name of a movie character. It’s a movie called “Mrs. Doubtfire” starring Robin Williams and Sally Field, A movie that contains the following life lessons: stand by what you believe without any doubt and do whatever it takes to get there.

This movie is the story of a man and woman who go through a divorce. The man loses custody of his children when the dissolution is granted and fights to get his custody rights back by dressing up as a woman and taking on a job at his former residence as an after-school nanny for his children in order to be with them. As funny as this movie is, there is a really valuable message at the core of it. The idea of someone believing in something so much that they’re willing to go to such extremes for what they want is really a remarkable thing. Imagine what would’ve happened if there was no Mrs. Doubtfire. The results of the dissolution probably would’ve been the same and the man could’ve lived a life filled with regrets. At the end of the movie, even though Robin Williams’ character loses the battle of womanhood, his character gains the rights to be with his children again. Hard work, standing up for what he believed in, and doing something about it got him there.

I find the name Doubtfire to be an interesting choice and very oxymoronic. Doubt was something this character had when he made the decision to disguise himself as a woman and take on the job of nannying his own children just to so he could see them everyday. If anything, there’s an inner fire that burns. When someone tells you no, there’s always a yes hiding somewhere. Even in this extreme example, Robin Williams’ character finds the yes in a situation where the answer of no was staring him straight in the face.

Use your inner fire to overcome any doubt you may have. Stand by and fight for what you believe in. You believe in it for a reason. Whatever it is you believe in, it’s worth it. You’re worth it. Fight hard.



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