A Very Vegan Valentine’s Day!

Starting on Sunday (February 5th), I will be taking a break from the Greek Eating Project and will be going Vegan. This will continue until the Sunday after Valentine’s Day (February 19th). That will give me two weeks to try Veganism. I will post the recipes I use and the ingredients just like I do in the Greek Eating Project blog. I will be spending Valentine’s Day as a Vegan.

After being invited to someone’s house to a Vegan party entitled “A Very Vegan Holiday”, I was really inspired by Vegan food. We watched a movie called “Forks Over Knives” which explains the benefits of a Vegan and more specifically a raw food diet. I’m not going to eat all raw food.

I ate some Vegan lasagna that I purchased from Whole Foods this weekend and it was awesome. I couldn’t tell the difference between the a veggie lasagna with regular cheese and the Vegan lasagna. It was the same way at the Vegan party I attended. Most of the foods were tasty and healthy and I didn’t notice much difference in taste. Does it taste exactly like the real thing? No, it’s not meant to. For instance, there were mock Italian Beef Sandwiches served at the party. There was a meat substitute for the “beef” and while it didn’t taste exactly the same, it came pretty darn close and also tasted pretty darn good! If you are looking for the real thing, then I suggest you just fix an Italian Beef sandwich yourself (or go get one at a restaurant).

I’ve got one meal covered already: breakfast. I eat oatmeal with organic ground flax seed, all natural almond butter, an organic banana and organic vanilla soy milk! I will be spending some time researching my snacks and lunch entree for the next few weeks.

The Greek Eating Project will still continue with a special guest blogger. That’s right! Pete is taking over The Greek Eating Prjoect for 2 weeks and will be posting on Sundays in his own format. He’ll be really excited when he reads this blog to find this out!



2 thoughts on “A Very Vegan Valentine’s Day!

  1. I’m excited for you and this new adventure you’re going on! Going Vegan…It’s truely the best decision I’ve ever made 🙂

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