The Proposal!

Somebody proposed to me this weekend! I said yes!

We had a wonderful day in Bloomington, Indiana. It was raining, but that didn’t rain on our parade at all. I graduated from IU Bloomington and Pete went there for one year and then transferred back up here. It is a special place with good memories for both of us even though we weren’t there at the same time. 

I wanted Pete to propose at the Well House. When I heard the history of the Well House on my freshman campus tour I fell in love with its story: “The small, open air pavilion, which served as the original water supply for the university, was built roughly in the shape of a Beta Theta Pi fraternity pin. In earlier times, tradition held that a student attained coed status by being kissed in the Well House while the Student Building bells chimed the 12 strokes of Midnight.”

I always wanted to be kissed in the Well House at midnight. That hasn’t happened yet. However, I’ll take a proposal at 7pm followed by a kiss! It was really romantic. We were sheltered in the Well House while it was raining. The best part is that the bells chimed on the hour.

We had a really wonderful day. I drove us down to Bloomington which is about 3/ 12 hours from Northwest, Indiana. We stopped by Oliver Winery, did a wine tasting, bought some wine and even saw a friend I went to school with that works at the winery! She asked us what we were doing down there and I said we were going to get engaged at the Well House. She said that her husband proposed to her at that same location.

After the winery we moved on to a really nice dinner at a restaurant called Scholars Inn. Pete and I went down to Bloomington and stayed at the Scholars Inn Bed and Breakfast when we first started dating. We ate dinner at their restaurant so it was really nice to go back and reminisce.

After dinner we headed over to the Well House. It was funny how giddy I felt even though I knew he was going to propose. It was just so cool having that moment together, isolated in the darkness and the mist of the rain and then hearing the clang of the bells in the bell tower as Pete got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.

We attempted to take some pictures with our camera and we discovered that Pete cannot keep his eyes open and smile at the same time. We were hysterical as we viewed each pathetic failed picture. We settled on one that was slightly squinted and a nice smile for him. I look exactly the same in all of the pictures. However I was seeing stars at the very end of the dozen or so pictures we took! Gotta love the flash!

We wrapped up our magical trip with a walk around campus in the rain.

It was a truly magical night.



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