Wear a Hat!

Seriously! I love wearing hats. Here are my reasons why I think you should give hats a try:

1. A hat is a great accessory to most outfits. A hat can add character to an outfit like a little sassyness or attitude or can make you look more chic.

2. In the winter a hat keeps you warmer. The top of your head is an extremity of the body through which body heat can escape. So if you wear a hat outdoors it’ll keep you warmer. If you wear a hat indoors and your office environment is chilly, the hat will serve the same purpose as it does outdoors–you’ll stay warmer.

3. It totally bucks tradition. Think about it. The only time I ever see people wear hats is in winter time, outside in the cold. Do you ever see someone wearing a hat indoors? It’s rare. And I’m not talking about a dude wearing a baseball cap because he’s having a bad hair day. I’m talking about cute hats like the ones at Charming Charlie. That’s where I get all of my hats from. Wear a hat! Dare to be different!

4. Hats can cover bald spots and receding hairlines. Hey, it’s better than the spray-on-hair or a rug. Yikes.

5. If you wake up late and your hair looks similar to Albert Einstein’s (like mine usually does) just grab a hat. It saves you precious time! Sadly, though, I don’t think you’ll inherit Einstein’s brain by putting on a hat. Maybe I’m wrong–maybe there’s a smart hat lurking out there somewhere.

6. Hats that have brims are great for keeping the sun out of your eyes, raindrops off of your glasses and horrible office fluorescent light out of your eyes. I know that strong lighting can be tough on people that suffer from migraine headaches or hangover headaches. A brimmed hat is a great solution to keeping the light out of your eyes in either case!

7. Running outside and producing sweat with the sun shining down on you? Wear a moisture-wicking running hat or a visor–a close cousin of the hat. I highly recommend a visor in the summer sun-shiny weather. DO NOT wear a hat if it’s above 70 degrees. It will trap heat and you will sweat like mad. I did this one day and do not recommend it. That’s when I decided to get a visor which still blocks the sun but leaves the crown of the head exposed to let heat escape. If you are running outdoors do not wear a cotton baseball cap. People will know you’re a newbie.

8. Hats make great conversation pieces. Shy? Wear a hat. It’s a great way to get people talking to you. People will wonder where you got your hat. It’s a great conversation starter.

9. Digging for compliments? If your hat is unique like a fedora, painter’s cap or pageboy hat chances are good you’ll get minimum one compliment a day.

10. Here’s my favorite reason: the looks you get. Do you like to watch people? Watch people watch you. I get the funniest looks from people I know and don’t know when I wear a hat. The expressions on people’s faces are priceless. I’ve gotten the “she must be a bag lady look” and the “she must eat granola, paint pictures and smoke pot all day” look. And the ultimate look is “why the hell does she have a hat on indoors?”. My answer to that look is “why the hell not?”

You gotta try a hat. If you have $10.00 you can get a really cute hat at Charming Charlie. It’s really fun and a very practical thing to do. Dare to be different! Wear a hat!



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