She woke up one morning slowly crawled and looked in the mirror. Not liking who she saw she realized she wanted to change it. She needed balance. She needed give and take. She needed change. She felt stuck and needed to fly. Crawling slowly from one place to the next with always the fear of being stepped on didn’t work anymore.

She slowly started doing things to change. She started cleaning her act up. She started focusing on her inner beauty. She changed from a wicked princess into a glorious Queen. However this change didn’t metabolize overnight. She dreamed and hoped and wished at night that things would be different. She was ready to start anew.

In her bed she cocooned. She stopped the long slumbers and woke up. Everyday was a new day. The work she put into each day was gruesome and giving and contagious. She started to affect people’s lives and they wanted to change with her. She was no longer the girl with the excuses.

She woke up one particular morning and hatched out of her cocoon and felt as if she could fly. She felt like her hard work was finally paying off. It was as if she was radiant in color and majestic with wings that reached to a thousand seas. Beneath her was a yin yang symbol as she rose to the top of the world to remind her of the interconnectedness and interdependency we are and have on each other in the natural world.

Through her transition she went from a caterpillar trying to find her way to a girl with a motive to work as hard as she could to find herself and her own personal journey moved with her along the way to hatch out of a cocoon to become the girl with the butterfly tattoo with the yin yang symbol beneath it to always remind her of balance.

Papillon is French for butterfly. Tomorrow I am getting a tattoo of a butterfly with a yin yang symbol beneath it. I will post pictures. I wanted you to know in advance what it means to me!

Sara Sawochka


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