An Interview with The Girl with The Butterfly Tattoo

Why did you get the second tattoo so soon?

There are two answers to this question. The first is that I honestly miss the water and want to get back to swimming as soon as possible. The longer I space out getting the tattoos the longer I’ll have to wait to get back in the water. So, much like a lot of things in my life, I made the decision to get them done close together and get them done with because I knew they were things/experiences I really wanted to have done.

The second answer is simply I just wanted it. Right after I got the dragonfly I knew I wanted to get another tattoo. I was addicted. As I’ve heard before tattoos can be very addicting and it’s true. After I got the dragonfly I started looking for a design pattern for the butterfly tattoo. I called up Sacred Chao and scheduled my appointment!

So I miss the water and I knew what I wanted and went after it right away. Athletics and tenacity—two words that really describe me. Shocker! Or maybe it’s not a shocker at all!

Which tattoo do you like better? The dragonfly or the butterfly?

That’s a tough question to answer. So I’m not going to answer it directly. I’ll answer it indirectly by saying I love the dragonfly because it was my first tattoo. It will always have that it-was-my-first tattoo. The butterfly is very cool looking. I love the outline with the minimal coloring that really pops. It doesn’t look like a traditional, cutesy butterfly which I really like.

Will you be getting any more tattoos?

I promised my friend Rachael that I would wait for her to get our next tattoos together. We are having a tattoo party. If anyone wants to come with us in the future let me know. I will be getting a hummingbird. If we can get the tattoos done after my half ironman next year then I may have a change of plans on what kind of tattoo I get when I go with her.

I’m happy with the two tattoos I have at the present time!

Who is your tattoo artist that does such fabulous work?

Mallory who works at Sacred Chao Tattoo at 206 Elm Street, Valparaiso, IN 46383. Call (219) 531-2020 to schedule an appointment. Or check out their website by clicking here.

Sacred Chao is a nice tattoo parlour with pleasant music and is very clean. If you’re nervous or have any questions Denise at the front desk is great at calming your nerves and answering your questions. I have so many good things to say about this

Why do you like her so much and will you keep going to her in the future?

I will definitely keep going to Mallory in the future. She does a great job. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to get a tattoo (with vegan ink especially!) or body piercing in the future.

Will you get any body piercings?

Yes, I’d like to get a small nose piercing down the road but not yet. Mallory does piercings as well. I’ve seen her work and she does a great job. However, after finding out last night that it takes 12 weeks for that to heal that put a crimp on my body piercing dreams for now. That is way too long for me to be out of the swimming pool. I’ll get one next fall when I can take some time off from swimming.

What did you name the butterfly tattoo and do you have a picture?

The butterfly tattoo is named Borealis. The colors on her look like the northern lights and are subtle and beautiful. Yes I have two pictures for you. One is the outline before the colors go in and the other is a picture of Borealis with the colors filled in.

Here’s the stencil outline Borealis before it goes gets filled in. Mallory makes a stencil drawing and puts the outline where the tattoo will go so she gets all of the lines right.

Here’s a picture of Borealis all filled in an looking gorgeous. Great job Mallory!

Lastly, can we read about the meaning of Borealis, the butterfly tattoo?

Yes you can. Just go to this link here and you can read all about it!

Sara Sawochka

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